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The Residents’ Committee

The Residents’ Committee
November 12, 2015 Administrator

The Committee are all local residents who have volunteered to serve on the Committee because of their love of the area and their keen interest in conservation matters.

Current Committee

Chairman email
Christopher Moore CBE Tel: 0151 632 0218 Contact me
Hon Treasurer
Mrs Kitty Whitford Tel: 0151 632 3608 Contact me
Mr Ronald Cotton Tel: 0151 632 4305 Contact me
Mrs Elizabeth Davey Tel: 0151 632 3933 Contact me
Mrs Gill Norton Tel: 0151 632 2783
Mr Miles Meredith Jones Tel: 0151 632 2614 Contact me
Mrs Yvonne Sanne Tel: 0151 632 3119
Mr Roger Tucknott Tel: 0151 632 6010

Any residents from within the HCA who are willing to serve on the Committee are invited to contact the Chairman or any other member of the Committee.