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    Planning Applications – Committee Role

    Planning Applications – Committee Role
    24 October 2011 Christopher Moore

    The Committee is invariably invited to comment on all planning applications within or adjacent to the defined Conservation Areas (ie those which affect the setting of the CA).   In normal years, most applications submitted are of a minor domestic nature, but the Committee tries to take a careful view on any that have or would have impacted on conservation or spatial issues.

    It remains an important HCA obligation to monitor planning applications and to be in a position to give best advice about the acceptability of plans and extensions and to check that ‘deemed consent’ has not been exploited beyond accepted guidance.  At the same time, conservation does not mean opposition to every application.  An important principle that we try to follow is ‘enhancement’ from which homeowners and residents can benefit – provided it is done sympathetically and is thoroughly complementary to adjacent buildings and spaces.