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    Living in a Conservation Area

    Living in a Conservation Area
    12 November 2015 Christopher Moore

    Wirral Council has issued a leaflet “Living in a Conservation Area” – a guide to enhancing your property.  Unfortunately, this leaflet is no longer up to date or accurate particularly with regard to telephone numbers and contact names but it still provides basic information for anyone looking to learn more about what they can or cannot do if they live in or close to a Conservation Area.  Follow internet link:

    A more up to date and attractive leaflet has just (October 2015) been issued by the newly named ‘Conservation Areas Wirral’ which can be downloaded here.  This is applicable to all 26 conservation areas on the Wirral,

    The HCA committee has produced a more local equivalent document to raise awareness with residents and estate agents which can be downloaded here.                        .

    There is a second valuable document produced for English Heritage which is thoroughly recommended and lists other organisations dealing with heritage and conservation.  See: