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    How do I apply for Planning Permission?

    How do I apply for Planning Permission?
    14 June 2010 Administrator

    To check if your proposal would be acceptable it is always advisable to submit your draft proposal to a Conservation Officer (0151 6062121) or a Planning Officer (0151 6062324) before submitting an application.

    Seeking advice beforehand gains a number of benefits:

    • It gives you the opportunity to understand how policies and guidance will be applied to your proposal
    • It gives an early indication if there is a need for specialist input eg urban design, listed buildings, conservation matters,trees, landscape or archaeology
    • It may lead to a reduction in time spent by your professional advisers in working up proposals, identifying potential problems and sorting them out beforehand
    • It may indicate that a proposal is completely unacceptable thus saving you the cost of pursuing a formal application
    • It will ensure that you provide all the necessary information and drawings to enable the application to be accepted

    If you need help in filling in the application form or are unsure as to what is required, call the Council’s Technical Support Unit team on 0151 6062297.