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    I need to replace my windows. What factors should I take into account?

    I need to replace my windows. What factors should I take into account?
    6 February 2011 Christopher Moore

    I need to replace my windows/put in a dormer window. What factors should I take into account?

    Windows are an important part of how buildings look. They define the appearance of a building and, when considered with other windows in the street, can add much character to an area. When undertaking any alterations to your windows, it is important to retain the original materials. To keep windows in good condition they need regular maintenance. Sometimes it is necessary to replace them but repair should be considered first. Windows can also be improved in a variety of ways to make your building more energy efficient without harming buildings character.

    Few things alter the character or appearance of a building more than changes to windows.  Windows that are out of character can not only spoil its appearance but can also reduce the value of a property. Window types vary widely according to the architecture of the property and the character of the local area.

    To alter your windows does not require planning permission, unless the building is listed or permitted development rights have been removed.   All new window installations need to be approved by FENSA; single glazing is no longer acceptable, whilst secondary glazing is usually the best method of improving thermal and sound insulation.

    Dormer windows:
    All new dormer windows (front, back or side) proposals would require planning permission if your property is located in a conservation area.